Interested in Joining a Committee?

Below you will find a list of all the current DSCA
Committee's along with their Chairperson
and a list of responsibilities. Please look over and join
a Committee that interests you today!

Rules and Regulations Committee

Chaired by: LaShanna Flynn


  •               Create and modify Qualifier Packet
  •               Review and update Safety and Technical Score Sheets
  •               Secure Judges for State's (Technical and Safety)


Bylaws Committee

Chaired by: Dianne Prost


  •               Ensure DSCA is following the stated Bylaws
  •               Update Bylaws if/when necessary
  •               Explain any queries regarding Bylaws


Scholarship Committee

Chaired by: Vetra Evans


  •               Handle all submissions for Scholarships
  •               Present scholarship winners at Annual State Championship

Annual Coaches Conference

Chaired by: Chelsea Thompson


  •               Organize all aspects of annual event; including registration, vendors and speakers
  •               Help obtain sponsorship/donations for event


Sportsmanship Committee

Chaired by: Rhiannon Salsman/Vetra Evans


  •               Promote Sportsmanship amongst all Cheerleading programs (Coaches and Cheerleaders)
  •               Create new ways or events that will promote Sportsmanship
  •               Create and modify a reward or penalty system to encourage better Sportsmanship


Coach of the Year Committee

Chaired by: Dianne Prost/Vetra Evans


  •               Oversee all submissions for Coach of the Year
  •               Determine gifts for winners
Delaware Cheerleading Coaches Association