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Secretary Reports: Minutes

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Board Minutes 3-19-20


 DCCA Monthly Board Meeting 

Thursday, March 19, 2020 

Virtual via ZOOM due to Social Distancing Recommendations of CDC 

Scheduled 7:00pm EST 

Members in Attendance 

Rhiannon Salsman, President 

Vetra Evans, Vice President 

Jack Speakman, Treasurer - Left Virtual Meeting at 9:53pm 

Molly Lingo, Secretary- Not in attendanceBereavement 

Chelsea Thompson, Final Term Board Member 

Kenneka Ceasar, Final Term Board Member 

Andrea Caswell, Initial Term Board Member 

Lashanna Flynn, Initial Term Board Member 

Secretary Report (Molly) 

 Since Molly is not able to make the meeting please take a moment to review the minutes online and bring any concerns to her for correction. 

 A vote was not made as Molly was not able to present. 

 Chelsea will be notating meeting minutes for Molly 

 We will be recording the meeting so that we can get the minutes from it to distribute to our membership. 


Treasury Report (Jack) 

 3 first place trophies need to be ordered for Fly High as we did not have enough trophies for teams due to late registrations, picking them up and being brought to Jack 

 Trophies have been acquired and available as soon as the social distancing is relaxed. 

 Account update to have 1 other board on account for more transparency 

 Submitted a state’s income statement 


o Income Total: $44,727 

o Expenses: $19,381 

o Total Profit: $25,346 

 Above is a Preliminary Report 


o Will change due to use of facility and custodial staff not being paid yet 

 Account Report: 


o Detailed account status - Does not have 

o Year to date bank drafts - Does not have 

o Income Statement & Balance Sheet - Does not have 

o Will have at next meeting - for every month of the fiscal year 

States Initial Report and Recommendations 

 Feedback from all perspectives 


Rhiannon: Felt like it ran smoothly, more than enough volunteers, only 2 extra shirts 

 Registration Process- 


Leak of initial schedule 

o A few teams were allowed to register late and this created confusion and details to be lost for vendors and coaches 

o Look into making a cutoff deadline to stop the confusion 

o Also look into an online registration form as well 

 New Game Day Format 

 New format went well, but look at timing format due to practice mat communication 


-Went well, however the timing needs to be looked at for next year, as the judging was able to advance but the practice area was not ready, and the practice room/load door was not communicating the back up. 

 Judges were rushing them through and competition was running ahead 

 Review Process Only should be able to argue deductions or score ranges 


o Look into just showing ranges and deductions but no full score sheets 

o Look into providing more privacy for score review 

▪ Suggest a table roped off behind judges for a more secure and private review of the details…not at side 

 Judging: 


o Tiny novice was judged on stunts at qualifiers but not at States, should not have been judged at Qualifiers, with new judging training we should see more consistency with judging 

 Scheduling of first session to second session the overlap was not accounted for and we had no holding areas for the cross over 


Next Year: 

 No teams switching times, no one allowed to warmup more than the allotted time unless approved by board 

 Many teams would like a bigger venue with bigger reward, some teams are interested in banners rather than trophies, others want national level rewards for first place like jackets 

 Look into making a grand champion for each session by percentage of perfection 

 Judges training to make the competition more consistent 



 Many complaints about not knowing details 

 Working on better communication for members, more communication…the better 

 Some suggestions: Registration, Membership, Confirmation 

 Email membership minutes out after each meeting 

 Uploading meeting minutes onto Facebook group under files after each monthly board meeting 

 Send email to request the DCCA Facebook group to get quicker information out to members 


Qualifier Scheduling 

 New Application Deadlines 


o Date Change Proposal: Qualifier Registration due by April 30, Membership meeting to follow 

 Communication 


o Getting feedback after each qualifier to help better choose qualifiers for the following year- Chelsea will complete qualifier survey 

o Qualifier Meeting held to communicate all information after qualifiers are chosen 

 Approval Process: 


o Google Form so we see timestamp and can set deadlines 

o Any changes after chosen must be approved and submitted 

 Informal Vote: 5 Qualifiers & 1 State Championship - Everyone voted in agreement 

 Have a representative at each qualifier to ensure it is running smoothly 

 States Tentative Date: March 6th 

 Victory Athletics to do competition on March 13th noted by Andrea 


Judging Panel Training 

 Solidify Date June 28th Tentative about 4 hours 


o All-Star conference in New Orleans June 26 

 Planning- LaShanna 

 Who- Sarah & Sean will instruct, anyone who is interested in judging for qualifiers, contact qualifier host to let them know that tier judges need to be DCCA qualified 

 What- Train all who are interested in judging in DE 

 Why- to provide competent and consistent judging to qualifiers and the state championships 

 Where- Andrea will look into conference room at Hampton Inn and 


Home2Suites (A parent at her program owns those hotels) 

 When- June 28th Tentative about 4 hours 

 How- 

 How much- $50 per hour for 4 hours 

 Must provide scoresheets, access to projector, hotels, and rubrics. 


Reinstating Committees 

 It has been suggested to reinstating committees for DCCA 

 Rules & Regs/Rubric/Scoresheets- Molly 

Coaches Conference- Jean has asked to run this; however we need a board to be in charge…any takers? 


Chelsea willing to be board member in charge 

o Andrea suggests better speakers 

o Tentative Date needed 

 Training- AACCA, First Aid, Concussion, AED 


o Rhiannon, LaShanna, & Chelsea would like to be a part of 

o Survey about coaches training wanted 

o LaShanna wants DCCA to invest and distribute training booklets 

o Amy interested in holding CPR First Aid training again 

o Possibly hold these at coach’s conference to entice more participation 

 Scholarship - Vetra will head 

 Bylaws- Lashanna 

 States- Molly 

 Judging- Lashanna 

 Coach of the Year- Vetra 


o All Star says they never saw the form, the form is on webpage, reminder email was sent, and was discussed and distributed to current members as of last General membership meeting 

 Vendors for Events- Kennika 



 Initial presentation with Dianne 

 Board read & recommendation 

 Vote to distribute to membership 

 Andrea suggests providing members with a copy that shows both original and proposed changes so they can see both 

 LaShanna makes a motion to accept the new bylaws with revisions of Roberts Rules of Order, and Bylaw review and revision timelines 

 Chelsea seconded it, all in favor Vetra, Chelsea, LaShanna, Kennika, Andrea, Jack (6-0) 

 Andrea posed concerns of changing fiscal dates and the responsibility of executive board with the change 


—> Jack left meeting at 9:53pm 

Rebranding of DCCA 

 Members are concerned as to where DCCA is going as we are not moving with the times/change, stuck on what has always been done 

 Other group has been having meetings and conversations to discuss changes that they would like to see 

 Main concerns stem around the finances and communication 

 Jack could not comment because he left the meeting early 

 We have addressed communication, as Lashanna is going to get correspondence out to our members 

 One of the quotes for this group, “please plan a virtual meeting so we can plan for next season and prepare the rebranding process” 

 Maybe Andrea can fill us in on the rest 


Andrea Concerns 

 Concerns that communication is not being given to her. 

o Was confirmed that she has been a part of all of the text/email communications and she has been responding 

 Attempting to grow the organization and relaying messages that are being brought to her by other coaches 

o It was pointed out that the perspective is that she is attempting to disassemble DCCA with the way she is conveying messages 

 Question about why Andrea was considered to be removed from the board, current bylaws state that if miss 2 meetings should be removed from board, but was not because one of the 2 missed was due to a time cage that all board members agreed on 


Next General Membership Meeting 

 Date May 17 

 Time: 1pm 



 Location: depending on CDC recommendation may have to do virtual meeting 

 Topics 

o Bylaws updated- Membership Vote 

o Date Changes 

 Judging Training- who what when where why how 

 Communication 

 Committees- Reenlisting Committees so that members can get more involved 

 Nominations for positions please get involved (President, Secretary, 2 Board Positions) 

 Social Media Concerns vs. Meeting with Board to resolve issues 


Next Board Membership Meeting 

 April 14th 

 In Person - 6pm, If Virtual - 7pm 

 Location, depending on CDC recommendation may have to do virtual meeting 

 Meeting Ended: 11:06pmDate