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Secretary Reports: Minutes

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Board Meeting Minutes 2-12-20

DCCA Board Meeting Minutes

February 12, 2020

Members Present: Molly, Chelsea, Rhiannon, Jean, Ben, Dianne, Andrea, Kennika, Jack, Vetra, LaShanna


Meeting called to order at 7:02 pm


  • Secretary Report – Molly
    • A motion was made by Vetra to accept the minutes as submitted with any corrections as needed, seconded by Lashanna, o questions on the motion, Vote 6-0
  • Treasure’s Report – Jack
    • A membership report was presented
    • Reviewed current teams registered for the State Championship
      • One volunteer was registered
    • We currently have the Post Office Box in Wilmington; the mail will stay at that location until after the State Championship
    • A balance sheet was requested and will be presented at the next membership meeting with the information from the State Championship
    • A motion was made by Molly to accept the minutes as submitted with any, seconded by Vetra, Vote 7-0


  • Old Business
    • States To-Do Follow up – All
      • Judges
        • Bio’s were sent and reviewed
        • DJ - 7
        • Robin -6
        • Soyna
      • A motion was made by Molly to offer the judging position to Robin and DJ, with Sonya as a backup if they are not available, seconded by Chelsea, Vote 7-0
      • Scoresheets & Ordering
        • There is a problem with the tiny novice scoresheet at the bottom with the
        • Rhiannon has been running scoresheets
      • Orders
        • 5 x 11, 6 for Dianne
        • Zip Ties
      • Other
        • Volunteers – we currently have 11 volunteers
          • Rhiannon will email teams that are registered to reach out for volunteers
        • Vendors – 6 current vendors
        • Mats are all set
        • Signs
          • Cash only
          • Booth opens at 8 am
        • Trophies
          • Exhibition teams will get medals
          • Jean will go into Champion Trophies this week and pick out the trophies


  • New Business
    • Canceled Qualifiers – Rhiannon
      • Polytech is cancelling their all-star session; they think part of the problem is how late we put out our schedule. The younger athletes on the all-star program are still going to bring their young team but just use the dead floor, same with rec teams
      • A suggestion was made to have the qualifier schedule put together earlier in the year
      • A suggestion was made to not have as many qualifiers
      • Molly will have for our 3/19/20 meeting, the qualifier application with the requirements on the application ready to be presented at the board meeting and sent out to membership to be due by the April board meeting for approval. We will announce the qualifier dates at the May meeting.
    • Facebook Post – Chelsea
      • Question arose if another organization is being created or if we know any information
      • It was noted that the initial purpose of the group was a forum
      • DCCA is not addressing the group
    • Coach of the Year
      • Deadline is Sunday 2/16
      • There have been no applicants at this time
    • General Membership Meeting Agenda
      • Cancelation of qualifiers – Jack
      • Adjusting the calendar for the qualifiers
      • Scoresheet error, have been corrected with the qualifiers
      • Volunteers
      • Please field questions through the board


  • General Membership Meeting 2/16/20 at 2 pm
  • Next Board Meeting 3/19/20 at 6:30


A motion was made my Vetra to adjourn the meeting at 8:55, seconded by LaShanna. No questions on the motion, voted 7-0


Meeting was adjourned at 8:55