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Secretary Reports: Minutes

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Board Meeting Minutes 1-14-20

DCCA Board Meeting Minutes

January 14, 2019


Members Present: Molly, Chelsea, Rhiannon, Dianne, Ben, Andrea, LaShanna, Vetra

Meeting called to order at 6:48 pm

  • Secretary Report – Molly
    • Vetra makes a motion to accept the sectratries report as emailed with any corrections, deletions seconded by Lashanna. Voted 6-0


  • Old Business
    • States To-Do Follow up
      • Judges – Lashanna got into contact with 2 judges who are supposed to be emailing. Andrea sent another contract as well. When Molly get Bio’s I will send them out to the board for approval.
      • Volunteers – Rhiannon
      • Hotel – 4 board members
      • Shirts – Lashanna will handle ordering the shirt
      • Coach of the Year -Vetra and Dianne will head it, it needs to go out to members by January 21stand turned in by Feb 16th, members will vote on 2/19 through 2/28
      • Trophies – Jack and Jean have done it in the past, we will check with them
    • Scoresheet Update
      • They are at the printer now
      • Molly is going to send all qualifiers a google doc to order


  • New Business
    • Canceled Qualifier
      • Problem is teams are registering extremely late and it’s hard for new qualifiers to prepare
      • Discussion around how to increase on time participation
    • Bylaw update
      • They have completed the first draft of purposed revisions but need to review the draft before presenting
      • They are still working on defining membership more clearly
      • Questions arose about the timing of the fiscal year


  • Next Board Meeting 2/11/20 Smyrna at 6:30
  • Membership Meeting 2/16/20 at Smyrna at 2 pm


Vetra made a motion to adjourned the meeting at 7:45 seconded by LaShanna