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Secretary Reports: Minutes

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Board Meeting Minutes 11-21-19

DCCA Board Meeting Minutes

November 21, 2019

Board members present: Molly, Chelsea, Lashanna, Jack, Vetra & Diane

Members present: Dianne


Meeting called to order at 7:03


  • Secretary Report – Molly
    • Vetra made a motioned seconded by Jack to accept the minutes with any corrections or deletions, Vote 5-0 yes


  • Treasurers Report – Jack
    • Vetra made a motion to accept the treasurers report as submitted, seconded by Lashanna, Vote 5-0 yes


  • General Membership meeting agenda
    • Sean will be discussing game day and any other questions
    • Introductions
    • Certification, share outs & updates
    • Updated school scoresheets now available
    • Judges
    • Bylaws Updates First Reading


  • Qualifier Updates – Molly/Rhiannon
    • Judges – questions were brought up by hosts regarding if DCCA has compiled a list of judges
    • CR Update – Everything looked good, we explicated said cheer mats only. Additionally, we told them that the cafeteria could not be used as a warm-up/practice space. CR reported that they have plenty of cheer mats that they will be using for the competition.
    • Dover – We have not heard from them at this point in the year. Molly will reach out once more and explain that if we do not hear from them by November 30 that they will not be a qualifier and will not get an refund.
    • Pride - some concerns with questions, just want to put on the board radar


  • School Scoresheets – Rhiannon
    • School score sheets were presented
    • A motion was made by Molly to approve the updated school score sheets as presented, seconded by Vetra, Vote 5-0 yes
    • Waiting for all-star score sheets, still need the updated scoresheets from Andrea


  • States To-Do Follow up
    • DJ – Need to follow up  
    • Judges - Need to follow up
    • Vendors - Need to follow up
    • Volunteers - Need to follow up
    • Mats – Jack spoke to Andy and he is available. He will get us a quote next
    • Year for Banner – Chelsea got the invoice for the year change in the banner & it’s $69.


  • Bylaws – Jack
    • Jack reviewed the date on the bylaws and making sure that we had the most updated one
    • Concerns of bylaws: the current bylaws say majority is 50% + 1 which is not in accordance with any
    • Molly will make sure the most current bylaws are posted the website
    • We will look at each article for revision at each upcoming board meeting


Chelsea left at 8:04, Chelsea Molly her proxy for the remaining votes


  • CYM – Jack
    • Letter presented from Matt Carucci, the CYM Athletic Director, requesting that we reinstate our CYM division
    • Jack made a motion to reinstate the CYM division seconded by Molly, questions on the motion: would the reinstate be for this year? Yes, this would be for a year and reviewed. How would we let membership know? Email the team directly then announce at the membership. Jack revised his motion to reinstate the CYM division permitted CYM Teams for athletes from 4thto 8thgrade seconded by Molly, 5-0
  • Next Board Meeting 12/10/19 Cantwells


  • Next General Membership Meeting –December 1, 2019

Vetra made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Lashanna, Meeting adjourned at 8:51 pm