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Secretary Reports: Minutes

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December 1, 2019 General Membership Meeting Minutes

DCCA General Membership Meeting Agenda

December 1, 2019


November Members in Attendance

Campus Community

Sonya Sparks

Cape Henlopen

Courtney Hennessey

Central Middle

Charon Dagley

Cheer Force

Kennika Caesar


Kennika Caesar


Alyson Hayes

Del State

Ashley Alsten

Fly High

Andrea Caswell, Tahira Best, Samantha Hunt, Annette Berry,  Ben Hawkins, Nadasca Guity

Great Oaks Charter

Erica Hitchens

Individual Members

Ashley Ganley, Rhiannon Salsman, Molly Lingo, Vetra Evans

Lake Forest

Amber Rash, Rebecca Webb, Kathryn Simpson

MOT All-Stars

Ashley Alsten

MOT Elite Rec

Ann Gahan


Maria Catalina


Jen Carpenter Lashanna Flynn

Pride Cheerleading

Darius DeShields, Shauntae Jackson


Darius DeShields

Smyrna Middle

Carmen Cruz-Nelson


DJ Yeager,  Brad Gilbert


Shauntae Jackson


Meeting called to order at 2:07


  • Introductions


  • Certifications
    • We wanted input about certifications that everyone is looking for again
      • Safe Sport online from USASF – required to get into the warmup room, good for 2 years Darkness Delight extends it or 4 years
      • First Aid/CPR
      • Would like to see reimbursement for the cost of the course
    • Timing for the certification
      • Members would like to see the certifications being offered June or early summer


  • CYM Update
    • CYM was mistakenly removed from the qualifier packet but will continue to be its own division


  • School Scoresheets
    • The school scoresheets are all on the website with the exception of Game Day
    • All-Star updates are still in the works


  • Judges for Qualifiers
    • We have not yet created a bank or group of Delaware judges like we were hoping to by this time but we will continue to work towards this
    • We are looking to become more cohesive and that all the events have the same quality of judges at all events


  • Bylaw updates
    • Some of the items in the bylaws are outdated and no longer applicable to what is being done now. We are looking to update the bylaws to match the current needs of the organization.
    • All updates to the bylaws will be voted on at the membership meetings


  • Reminder: States March 8 All-Star in the morning, schools in the afternoon
    • It was suggested that we do an accusport review would be better this year, with view of the deductions included so teams can have a conversation with the judges before awards. Technique should not be considered. Another suggestion to have a separate location for more privacy 
    • Recommendation of a progressive warm-up time for older/higher skill set teams like level 6, as it is more difficult to warm up those levels of tumbling and more time would like to be used for safety. Recommendation of 6-7 min or an 8.8.4 warm-up allotment.


  • Game Day Video conference with Sean Barnette, Head Judge for States
    • Reminder that Game Day is State Championship
    • You will need to compete at 2 qualifiers to compete at States


Meeting adjourned at 3:05