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Secretary Reports: Minutes

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May 19, 2019 General Membership Meeting Minutes

DCCA Membership Meeting Minutes

May 19, 2019


Members in attendance: Amber Rash Lake Forest, Rebecca Webb Guest, Shanna Flynn Polytech, Jen Carpenter Polytech, Shanda Reed Polytech, Andrea Caswell Fly High, Ashley Benway Fly High, Michele Godwin Fly High, David Caswell Fly High, Ann Gahan MOT Elite, Marie Catolina Padua, Brad Gilbert Tristate, Chelsea Thompson Capital Cheer, Rhiannon Salsman Individual, Ben Hawkins Fly High, Dianne Prost Individual, Shayla Evans Individual, Vetra Evans Individual, Jean Avery Christiana, Ne’Kea Blackwell Cape, Sonya Sparks Campus, Hope Moody Campus, Jack Speakman Individual, Molly Lingo Individual

Meeting called to order at: 2:14

  • State’s Feedback Review & Discussion
    • Review the hand out
    • Specific & consistent feedback we got from the survey and are correcting for next year
      • Music in the warm-up room, we will provide the sound system you will need to make sure you bring your own aux cord.
      • A specific mat for stretching rather than the floor
      • Trainer for injuries only, not for wrapping/ taping
      • Scoresheets are being updated to fix any errors last year & update with the new regs
      • Review Process – Thoughts? We are planning to continue
        • Suggestion was given a specific time for the review on the schedule
      • We will be taking more time to double and triple check scores prior to trophies, please keep that in mind
    • Review the importance of registration deadline and that money, registration packet & ALL waivers need to be in by that time
      • All of the schools are paid by the state and the state takes a very long time to get the money in. Due to the time the state processes the checks, checks were late & no late fee was paid
    • Other feedback
      • Awards – a question was raised about giving medals to all athletes and it was going back to the board this was brought back to the board and voted unanimously no to participation medals
      • Medals for game day? In addition to game day, we are looking to revamp the look of game day,
      • We are meeting with Varsity reps for scoring and to look at how game day is run
      • Price of exhibition
      • Look at pricing for Cheer Abilities team
      • Can packet for States go up at the same time as the qualifiers are posted on the website
      • Judges for states were excellent this year
      • Book judges early so we have better quality judges
      • Vendors for states
        • We had 2 that sell products (bows & shirts)
        • We had some interest for programs who wanted to vend
        • Question was raised is we are a USASF sanctioned event – no we are not however we supported
        • We are looking into the process for how we will accept vendors
      • Game day game as a state championship
      • Will we discuss changing from NFHS to AACCA rules


  • State’s Date & Schedule
    • March 8, 2020
    • All-Stars will be in the AM
    • Schools in the PM


  • Coaches Conference Information
    • Sat Aug 3 at Smyrna High School, hoping for a full day
    • General membership meeting will happen this day and it will be elections
    • School teams will get a NFHS booklet


  • What do you want to see?
    • Coaches conference
      • More classes directed towards all-stars
      • A way to split out all-star and school teams so they information isn’t just targeted at one
      • Varsity Impact Course for athletes?
      • Can they have scoresheets a week ahead of time so the membership could review and bring questions to the session for scoresheets
      • Would you be interested in a having-hands on participation with a student group?
        • Divide teams into levels
        • New trends in stunting, transitions
      • General membership meetings
        • Food
        • What about weeknight evenings,
        • Would you be interested in speaker’s?
          • Yes - if it was a limited time frame
        • What about a digital meeting so that membership could participate if they could not be here?
        • Looking into more social media & incorporating


  • Announcements
    • NCA is hosting a commuter camp July 16 & 17, please contact Sarah D’Agostino for more information


  • Nominations
    • Vice President
      • Dianne Prost would like to nominate Vetra Evans seconded by Chelsea Thompson – Vetra accepted
    • Treasurer
      • Jean Avery would like to nominate Jack Speakman seconded by Chelsea Thompson – Jack accepted
    • 2 Board of Director Positions
      • Jen Carpenter would like to nominate Shanna Flynn seconded by Jean Avery
      • Ben Hawkins would like to nominate Andrea Caswell seconded by Jack Speakman
      • Amber would like Rebecca Web seconded by Chelsea Thompson
    • Jack Speakman made a motion the nominations be closed seconded by Jean Avery


  • Next General Membership Meeting –August 3, Smyrna High School




Meeting Adjured at 3:14