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Secretary Reports: Minutes

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05/15/2016 DCCA General Membership Meeting Minutes

DCCA Membership Meeting

May 15, 2016

Secretary’s Minutes


Meeting called to order on May 15, 2016 at 1:05 pm by Whitney Reed-Pierson.

In Attendance


Whitney Reed-Pierson – Smyrna High School

Jean Avery – Christiana School District

Danielle Dixon – Individual

Jack Speakman – St Marks High School

Rhiannon Salsman – Postlethwait Middle School

Ben Hawkins – Delaware Edge All-Stars

Dianne Prost - Individual

Jen Carpenter – Polytech High School

Lashanna Flynn – Polytech High School

Marie Speakman – St Marks High School

Shauntae Ford – Woodbridge PRIDE/High School/Middle School

Shawanda Garrison – Woodbridge PRIDE

Arnetta Hood – Woodbridge PRIDE

Robin Smith – Campus Community

Vetra Evans – Individual

Shayla Evans – Smyrna High School

  1. Morelli – Sussex Central High School

Molly Lingo – Cape Henlopen High School

India Sutton – Cheer Force All-Stars


New Business:

  • States Review:
    • We had one issue from States, announcing the incorrect placement in the Small Varsity division. The placement was corrected. Dover kept their awards and we got the correct trophy and medals to Middletown.
      • When an issue arises, please allow the Board time to review and correct the issue, and notify all parties involved. We are all volunteers with full time jobs and it is unfair for the teams/cheerleaders to find out issues on social media.
    • The members would like to have more room for their teams next year. With the increased number of teams, and Rec teams being moved to the afternoon session, the locker rooms were extremely overcrowded. The board will be sure to address this at next year’s event.
    • States is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, March 5, 2017 at Smyrna High School. We have penciled in the date on Smyrna’s calendar, but the board is still researching other venues’ availability.


  • Rules & Regulations:
    • Pete Burnham has taken over the Rules & Regulations committee. He will be scheduling a committee meeting. Danielle will send an email with the date and location.
  • Coaches Conference:
    • Rhiannon presented a save the date with some preliminary information about sessions.
    • Each organization will be allowed to bring one stunt group (no more than 5 members).
      • Cheerleaders will register at 130pm and will not be permitted to attend the morning session.
      • Lunch will not be provided for the cheerleaders.
      • Each cheerleader must submit a release form to be able to participate. Release forms will be emailed to the coaches.
    • Qualifier Applications:
      • Qualifier applications for the 2016-2017 season have been updated and are available at today’s meeting and on the website.
      • Applications and payment must be submitted no later than August 7, 2016.
      • Dates will be approved based on seniority from the 2015-2016 season and there will only be 1 qualifier per weekend.
      • If there are no conflicts, the schedule will be presented at the meeting on August 7, 2016.
    • Nominations:
      • Nominations were open for President, Secretary, and 2 Board Members (Kennika Caesar & Rhiannon Salsman’s spots). Board members are required to attend monthly board meetings, quarterly membership meetings, and assist with states.
      • Nominations:
        • President: Whitney Reed-Pierson was nominated by Jean Avery, seconded by Vetra Evans. Whitney accepts the nomination.
        • Secretary: Danielle Dixon was nominated by Dianne Prost, seconded by Whitney Reed-Pierson. Danielle accepts the nomination.
        • Board Member: Shauntae Jackson was nominated by Ben Hawkins, seconded by Vetra Evans. Shauntae accepts the nomination.
        • Board Member: Dianne Prost was nominated by Ben Hawkins, seconded by Danielle Dixon. Dianne accepts the nomination.
        • Board Member: Kennika Caesar was nominated by India Sutton, seconded by Jean Avery. Kennika was not in attendance. The board will contact her to accept the nomination.
        • Board Member: Rhiannon Salsman was nominated by Danielle Dixon, seconded by Dianne Prost. Rhiannon accepts the nomination.
        • Board Member: Molly Lingo was nominated by Whitney Reed-Pierson, seconded by Ben Hawkins. Molly accepts the nomination.
      • Nominees are to submit biographies to Danielle. Voting will be held at the August 7th
    • Good of the Cause:
      • Due to the lack of participation from members, should there be a requirement for meeting attendance to compete at States? This will be discussed at the upcoming Rules & Regulations committee meeting.
      • Due to the lack of volunteers at States, should there be a membership requirement that all members must provide at least 1-2 volunteers? The board has discussed previously and will discuss again for the 2017 State Championship.
      • Will the scholarship be strictly skill based again this year? The committee will discuss again this year, once the new board is formed and a new chairperson is selected.
    • Board Meetings: Board meetings are open to the general membership. Meetings are held the Third Tuesday of every month. Please let Whitney Reed know if you are planning on attending. The location is to be determined, since Smyrna High School is not available at night during the summer. Upcoming Board Meetings: 6/21/16, 7/19/16, 8/16/16
    • Next General Membership Meeting: August 7, 2016 at Dover Downs – COACHES CONFERENCE.
      • Conference begins at 8am.
      • DCCA Membership Meeting & Elections at 12pm.


  • Whitney Reed-Pierson motioned to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Danielle Dixon. Meeting was adjourned @ 2:15 pm.