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Secretary Reports: Minutes

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Board Meeting Minutes 2-27-20

DCCA Board Meeting Minutes

February 27, 2020


Members Present: Molly, Kennika, Andrea, Jack, Vetra, LaShanna, Rhiannon, Chelsea


Meeting called to order at 6:22 PM

  • Secretary Report – Molly
    • A motion was made by Vetra to accept the minutes as presented with any modifications as needed, seconded by Chelsea, No questions on the motion, Vote 7-0 Pass


  • Old Business
    • States To-Do Follow up
      • The board will arrive to set up on March 7that 2 pm
      • Registration
        • Updated registration at this point was presented to the board
      • Volunteers
      • Shirts
        • Good to go
      • Judges
        • One of the judges cancelled this week, we found a replacement


  • New Business
    • Judges Training
      • One of the things that was brought up at coach’s conference was that judges were going to be consistent this year which did not happen. LaShanna is taking the lead on this and will set up a training for the judges this summer.
    • Rec
      • At the last general membership meeting there was a concern brought up about the percentage of points needed to beat a set score when a rec team is completing in their own division (90%)
      • A concern was brought up that it is discrimination that rec is 90% and schools are 75% of the set score and she will sue
      • It was stated that there is an insurance policy that protects the board
      • One of the concerns is that States holds the 90% criteria while the qualifiers do not
      • LaShanna made a motion that we will contact Ann and tell her that in the past the 90% criteria has not been enforced and this year the 90% criteria will not be enforced and will be reviewed next year, seconded by Vetra, No questions on the motions, Vote 7-0 Pass
      • LaShanna makes a motion that we inform all rec teams that their teams will placed in a division rather than the divisions they registered in as they do not fit the divisions outlined by DCCA and will keep the same level, Seconded by Vetra, No questions on the motion, 7-0 pass


  • Next Board Meeting 3/19/20


Meeting adjourned at 7:31