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Secretary Reports: Minutes

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2-16-20 General Membership Meeting Minutes

DCCA General Membership Meeting Minutes

February 16, 2020


Meeting called to order 2:14


  • Cancelation of qualifiers
    • Many qualifiers were cancelled due to participation
    • Review the policy within the qualifier packet that discusses what to do if a qualifier gets cancelled – if you paid then it counts if you do not receive a refund then it will still count as your team qualifying for States
    • Members suggested that were too many qualifiers and that they cannot attend all the qualifiers. Suggestion was made to limit the number of qualifiers or require more than 2 qualifiers to qualify for States
    • A suggestion was made by multiple members to not have multiple qualifiers on the same weekend


  • Adjusting the calendar for the qualifiers
    • We are changing the dates for when qualifiers applications and packets are due so that it lines up better with scheduling in advance


  • Scoresheet error
    • There was an error on the tiny novice with the point range for superior, qualifier hosts will be notified when they receive their scoresheets


  • Volunteers
    • We are in need for many volunteers for States to make the event successful
    • We would like 2 from each organization
    • Adults are preferred for volunteers
    • All volunteers receive a meal voucher and work for the opposite session than what their organization is competing
    • Please let Rhiannon know if you have volunteers


  • State’s Updates
    • March 8this daylight savings time, please let your athletes know
    • Music will be provided in the warm up room, please
    • Locker rooms will be adjusted based on feedback from last year, was asked to be
    • Questions was brought up as to what the set score for traditional rec is. It is 90% of the set score, the total possible points of 101 points.
    • Tumbling rubric is 75%, we will address it for next year back to 50+1
    • Game Day clarification, timing begins with the first choreographed move. We will reiterate with our judges.
    • A suggestion was made to take out of the either or in the fight song section of game day for tumbling/building so that it is not confusing for judges as there has been some confusion
    • We are still working on the judges training for judges in Delaware
    • A question was brought up about exhibition at States, there is an exhibition



  • Please field questions through the board
    • We have been getting a lot of questions about cancelations and other concerns, please field questions through the board. There have been some miscommunications
    • We will do everything we can do to get back to you within 24 hours.
    • Molly’s email is


  • DCCA now has a Facebook page Delaware Cheerleading Coaches Association and an Instagram


  • Please send us suggestions for Coaches Conference


Meeting adjourned at 3:02