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Secretary Reports: Minutes

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December Board Meeting Minutes 12-10-19

DCCA Board Meeting Minutes

December 10, 2019

Board Members Present: Chelsea, Rhiannon, Kennika, Jack, Lashanna, Vetra, Molly

Members present: Jean


Meeting called to order at 7:12


  • Secretary Report – Molly
    • Chelsea made a motioned seconded by Lashanna to accept the minutes with any corrections or deletions, Vote 6-0



  • Treasurers Report – Jack
    • Jack is moving to Fenwick Island, there may be a delay in the forwarding of DCCA mail to the new PO Box. We will go by the post mark date


  • Old Business
    • States To-Do Follow up
      • DJ
        • Moe & Mike are booked for the full day of states for $650
      • Judges
        • 1 head judge, 1 panel judge & 1 safety already booked
        • Need 2 panel judges
      • Vendors
        • Kennika has started reaching out to vendors
        • She has 3 confirmed
      • Volunteers
        • Rhiannon will now head
      • Mats
        • We are locked in with Andy – he will set up the night before
        • We will provide volunteers with the change over
      • Chelsea emailed the back drop guy for the year, we are still waiting for an invoice to Jack
      • Hotel Rooms – 3 board members and 5 judges & Dianne


  • New Business
    • Scoresheets – Molly
      • Game day – will be chant/sideline, fight song & overall, band dance & overall
      • Rec will be building, tumbling, & crowd leading/overall
      • International and Global, we are unsure at this time about the scoresheet. Molly will reach out to the all star programs and see if anyone has this team then we will revisit
      • A motion was made by Lashanna to approve the updated school score sheets with any minor revisions with revisions by 12/13, seconded by Vetra, Vote 6-0
    • College Scoring – Lashanna
      • Molly needs to create a scoresheet for college
      • There is a timing difference of 45 for cheer, and 2:15 for music
      • I will let the qualifiers know about the timing
    • Pick a date for General Membership Meeting – Feb
      • February 16 2 pm
    • Bylaws Section 1-3
      • Tabled to a Bylaw Committee with the board
      • Lashanna will head the bylaw committee
      • They will meet separately and present to the board their proposed revisions
    • Additional State’s Needs
      • None at this time


  • Next Board Meeting 1/14/20


Meeting adjourned at 8:49