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Secretary Reports: Minutes

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Board Meeting Minutes 10-22-19

DCCA Board Meeting Minutes

October 22, 2019

Members in attendance: Chelsea, Rhiannon, Shanna, Andrea, Dianne, Jean, Kennika, Jack, Vetra & Molly


Meeting called to order at 6:45


  • Secretary Report – Molly
    • Molly reviewed the minutes from the September board meeting minutes
    • Question was brought up if we have received
    • Vetra made a motion the September board meeting minutes be approved, seconded by Chelsea, Vote 7-0 motion carries
    • Vetra resended the vote since there were some voting members that were not present, Vetra made a motion the September board meeting minutes be approved, seconded by Jack, Vote 3-0 motion carries


  • Welcome New Members & Update Contact info


  • Goals for this year – Rhiannon
    • State’s, coaches conference, update rules, updating the by-laws, how can we get more involvement
    • Bringing in a speaker to the general membership member
    • Would like to see the AACCA certification come back
    • First aid & CPR


  • Date for November General Membership Meeting
    • December 1 at 2 PM


  • State’s Fee & Vote on State’s Packet – Molly
    • Discussion around States Fee for Teams & Exhibition
      • Keep the $250 the same and make Game Day the same
      • Jack made a motion to have the fee for team’s competing at State’s including game day be $250 and exhibition $125, seconded by LaShanna, Vote 6-1 Motion carries
    • Molly made a motion to remove reimbursing volunteers from the State’s, seconded by Vetra, vote 7-0 motion carries
    • Molly made a motion to approve the state’s packet with the corrections, seconded by Vetra, Question brought up about including Jazz in the dance division. The qualifier packets have already been approved and published. We will note for next yet. Vote 6 in favor, 1 abstain, motion carries


  • States To-Do
    • DJ
      • Moe is available, Kennika is on
    • Scoresheets
      • Andrea will email the updated All-star
      • Rhiannon will recreate the scoresheets
      • Jean will review
    • Judges
      • Andrea will send Molly the list the judges she has
    • Vendors
      • LaShanna makes a motion to lower the vendor fee to $125, seconded by Kennika. Vote 7-0 motion carries
      • All-stars will not be vendors this year.
      • Kennika will reach out to vendors
    • Volunteers
      • Vetra will be in charge
    • Backdrop Year
      • Chelsea will get this
    • Mats
      • Jack will reach out to Andy to see if he is available to do states
    • T-shirts
      • Andrea will do the logo for shirt


  • Membership Drive – Rhiannon
    • Coaches are only sending in 1 check per organization rather than per member, we will remind at membership meeting
    • We will be doing a membership drive to encourage membership
    • We will also have membership applications at the membership meeting


  • Next Board Meeting 11/12/19 Smyrna High School


  • Next General Membership Meeting –December 1, 2019 Smyrna High School


A motion was made by Jack to adjourn the board meeting at 8:45 pm. Seconded by Molly, Vote 7-0 Approved