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Secretary Reports: Minutes

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February 17, 2019 General Membership Meeting Minutes

DCCA Membership Meeting Minutes

February 17, 2019


Members in attendance: Molly Lingo – Individual, Rhiannon Salsman – Individual, Kennika Caesar – Cheer Force, Dianne Prost – Individual, Jack Speakman – Individual, Vetra Evans – Individual, Jean Avery - Christiana, Charon Dagley – Central Midde, Lashanna Flynn – Polytech, Deja Brown – Dover, Shauntae Jackson – Pride, Maria Catalina – Padua, Jen Carpenter – Poly, Lisa Stasio – St Marks, Courtney Hennessey – Cape, Chelsey Wharton – Cape, Lauren Hindsley – Odyssey, Alayna Ford – Odyssey, Andrea Caswell – Fly High Cheer & Tumble, Jamal Tate – Great Oaks Charter, Ashley Miclette Ganley – CR, Kristal Nester – CR, Alyson Hayes - CR


Meeting called to order at 2:22

  • Board Contact
    • Please reach out to Molly with questions and they will be addressed. Do not text, Facebook message, etc.
    • The board will only respond to coaches, if parents reach out to the board they will be charged with a sportsmanship violation


  • NFHS for Schools
    • Reminder that schools use NFHS for judging for States, rather than AACCA or UCA/NCA


  • Coach of the Year
    • Diane with the update
    • Received all applications
    • Molly will emailed everyone on Monday 2/17


  • States Schedule
    • Schools in AM All-Star PM. State schedule will be completed the Monday before States so coaches have until Wednesday to contact Jack about changes they need made and a final schedule will be out on Wednesday
    • Liability forms can be turned in at check in
    • We will not be accepting checks at the door for payment. Cash or money order
    • If you have any issues with crossovers, please contact Jack ASAP
    • Reminder we will have a review judge where you will have time to review your scoresheets with the judges for your score so you have time to ask the judges questions before placements are announced


  • Volunteers at States
    • We need volunteers. Reminder of the “refund” $25 per volunteer up to $50
    • Need to fill out the Authorization Form – Discussed the new form


  • Game Day Start Time
    • Game day cannot set-up prior to entering the mat, time starts when athletes hit the mat
    • We will address our State’s judges about our game day regs
    • We will to look at updating our rules and regs for next year to match the updates that Varsity has made


  • Nominations
    • Our May meeting will hold nominations for Vice President, Treasurer & 2 board positions to serve a 2 year term. Please start thinking about who you want to nominate
    • Role Descriptions
      • VP - The Vice President shall act in the absence of the President; as a liaison between committee chairpersons and the Executive Board; has the authority to cosign checks and withdrawals drawn on the treasury; stand in on any vacant office until a newly appointed officer is approved; and carry out all such duties and assignments as may be delegated by the President.
      • Treasurer - The Treasurer shall manage the organization's finances; shall pay all obligation's; collect all dues; sign checks and withdrawals drawn on the treasury; maintain books ledgers, financial statements; to provide a Treasurers report at each general membership meeting; detailed financial for any and each DCCA event; and present a written report at the end of her/his term; and carry out such duties and assignments as may be delegated by the President.
      • Board Member - A Board of Director assigned by the President shall be responsible for notifying members of meetings and Special meetings (times and locations and upcoming events); coordinate general membership drive biannually and carry out such duties and assignments as may be delegated by the President.



  • Next General Membership Meeting – May Location TBD
    • What can we do to get you guys to come to meeting?
      • Maybe have Kirby or Rob from UD to come speak at an event
      • Ideas or speakers more specific to school teams. Even using schools in Delaware to talk about what makes their programs successful
      • Social?
      • Round table discussion
      • Training on scoresheets
      • Email Molly if you have any ideas
      • Varsity University camp is coming to Fly High
      • Keeping things really relevant on the agenda but spreading out the information so it stays fresh – game day start time, score sheets,
      • Sending out the agenda prior to the meetings so people know what questions to bring
      • Discussion was brought up about the 50% attendance rule, membership in attendance would like to see this rule come back
      • Fine for RSVPing and not attending events


  • There was a change in Tiny Novice this year, can the board do a better job of explaining the changes
    • Yes, we will do a better job in the future
  • 50/50 Drawing! The winner of a $100 gift card is Odyssey, also 4 backpacks were raffled off


Meeting adjourned at 3:17