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Secretary Reports: Minutes

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November 25, 2018 General Membership Meeting Minutes

DCCA Membership Meeting Agenda

November 25, 2018

 Called to order at 12:29 by Rhiannon 

Members in attendance: Molly Lingo – Individual, Rhiannon Salsman – Individual, Ben Hawkins – CCE, Shawanda Garrison – Pride,  Shauntae Jackson – Pride, Chelsea Thompson – CCE, Sonya Sparks – Campus, Charon Dagley – Capital/Central, Charnice Dagley – ECHS @ DSU, Ann Gahan MOT Elite, Jack Speakman – Individual, Vetra Evans-Gunther - Individual

  • Update Board Contact Info
    • Welcome Chelsea Thompson to the board!
    • Working on creating a new email address that will be
    • Please do not give out the boards personal phone numbers to parents. All communication with the board needs to come through members and members only
  • Correction for Elementary/Middle School – Elementary is 1-5, Middle is 6-8
    • This was discussed and adopted at rules & regs in April
    • All qualifier packets are now up to date and are accurate
  • Community Service Pajama Drive
    • We are going to be collecting pajama’s at States to donate, the team with the most participants will win a prize
    • Ann with MOT would love to help
    • Please start collecting ASAP
    • Jean Avery is the board contact for the PJ Drive
    • Details to follow, be on the lookout for a flyer 
  • Coach of the Year
    • Please make sure that the nominations are for a DCCA member and are nominated by a DCCA member
    • Membership would like to separate School, Rec & All-Star. Board will address at Dec meeting 
  • States Reminder + Qualifier List
    • January 27 – Cheer Force Qualifier - Registration Due January 4
    • February 3 – Christiana Qualifier - Registration Due January 18
    • February 10 – Caesar Rodney Qualifier - Registration Due January 27
    • February 16 – Polytech Qualifier - Registration Due January 18
    • February 24 - Lake Forest Qualifier – Registration Due January 31
    • March 3 – State Championship - Registration Due February 15 – Live on Website December 1
      • Last year was TERRIBLE for States and creating a schedule and ordering trophies. If you are late getting your registration in you will NOT be able to compete
  • Membership Updates
    • Membership forms are due before Dec 31, 2018
    • Late Fee after Jan 1 of $10 per coach, after March 1 of $25 per coach
  • Volunteers at States
    • We are in need of volunteers for States
    • We are having an issue providing the refunds because a lot of the registrations checks are coming from the State of Delaware with schools rather than an organization specifically so we cannot correctly return the funds
    • This year we will be giving your organization a credit for the organization for the volunteers provided. The credit can be apply to membership fee or States registration fee
    • Volunteers will work opposite sessions like last year
    • Spring floor needs to be set-up in between sessions, we are in NEED for strong volunteers to assist with this
  • Meet with Qualifiers
    • None are in attendance
    • We need a copy of the judges credentials as soon as you have them
    • Qualifiers are not covered under DCCA’s insurance, please be sure you have your own insurance
  • Next General Membership Meeting – February 17 Location TBD
  • Good of the Cause 
    • What is the award policy for States?
      • State Championship 1stplace is a trophy and medals for all the athletes
      • 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. gets just a trophy
      • Membership asked if they can get a medal for those places
      • What about eliminating trophies in place of medals?
      • Exhibition gets medals but no trophy
      • Game Day is not a State Championship, gets a trophy & medals? Membership was open to this
    • It was brought up there’s a lot of money wasted on meetings and activities sponsored by DCCA when the members do not attend things they have RSVPed for. Please make sure if you RSVP yes for an event you attend. Today 36 RSVP yes & 12 attended. 
    • Pride Cheerleading will be hosting a competition at Woodbridge High School for January 26 $125 per team, it is not a qualifier
    • $100 Visa Gift Card was awarded to Ann with MOT for attending the meeting!!!!! Congratulations & your attendance is appreciated!

Meeting was adjourned at 1:11 PM