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Secretary Reports: Minutes

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06/22/2014 DCCA General Membership Meeting Minutes

DCCA Membership Meeting

June 22, 2014

Secretary’s Minutes

Meeting called to order on June 22, 2014 at 12:00 pm by Jean Avery.

In Attendance

Jack Speakman - St. Mark's High School

Danielle Dixon - Milford School District

Jean Avery - Christiana High School

Dianne Prost – Individual

Brian Payne – Individual

Marie Speakman – St Mark’s High School

Amy Hoff - TriState Athletics

Ann Gahan - MOTYFCL

Lisa Wallace – Smyrna Pop Warner

Mike Gallaway - Individual

Christine Lynn - Caravel Academy

Amber Bullock – Lake Forest High School

Pete Burnham – Lake Forest High School

Shauntae Ford – Woodbridge School District

Zakiya Armwood – Woodbridge School District

Shanna Flynn – Polytech High School

Jen Carpenter – Polytech High School

Ethel Jennings – Delaware Thunder

Shakella Harris – Delaware Thunder

Secretary’s Report – Danielle Dixon read the minutes from the General Membership Meeting held on February 19, 2014. Brian Payne motioned to accept, Christine Lynn seconded.

Treasurer’s Report – Jack Speakman presented the States report. States was financially successful this year, mostly due to the low facility costs. The only costs to use McKean High School were $1,245 for the maintenance staff.  Income was $36,000 and expenses were $17,000, netting a profit of approximately $19,000. The report will be posted on the website in the members section.  

New Business Topics of Discussion:

  • States Suggestions/Concerns:

    • Location – Coaches would like to see a new location this year, preferable not a High School.  The Board has contacted UD, but we are not high on the waiting list due to Basketball Tournaments and other University events. We will not receive more information from them until the end of January. DSU is a more expensive venue and costs $10 per car for parking. Coaches will contact their schools for more options and send all information to the board. Possible locations: Smyrna HS, Dover HS, Lake Forest HS, Cape Henlopen HS, St Marks HS.

    • Date – The tentative date for States is March 8th. We will have a final date and location set by October to give coaches plenty of time to plan their season.  

    • Other Suggestions – Ann Gahan suggested giving small trophies to the winners, instead of medals.  The board will look into the cost for trophies, compared to what was spent on medals last year.

  • Rules & Regulations Committee:

    • The Rules & Regulations Committee will meet on Wednesday, July 9th at 6pm at Wilmington University in Dover. We will review the packets, rubrics, and score sheets for the upcoming season. All members are welcome to attend and we would love to have participation from schools, all stars, and recreation programs to make sure all programs are represented. Danielle Dixon will send out an email and evite to remind all members of the meeting.

  • Coaches Conference:

    • Locations – Coaches Conference will be held on August 16th. We are still looking for locations for the coaches conference. Polytech HS is available, but the Board feels the cost would be too high for the number of attendees we have had the past couple years. We are waiting for confirmation from Smyrna HS and Christiana HS. All schools have several rooms available for use so we can split into different classes during the day.

    • Sessions/Classes – Several classes will be offered and coaches will have the opportunity to pick 4 that they would like to attend. They will be very hands on and coaches will be allowed to bring one stunt group with them, if they choose. Sessions offered are Basic Stunting, Advanced Stunting, Tumbling and Spotting, STUNT, Crowd Involvement, Community Service/Fundraising, Captain’s Clinic. An email will be going out closer to the conference with all sessions offered and coaches will need to choose which ones to attend, so we can plan the day accordingly.

    • AACCA Safety Certification – AACCA Certification will be offered again this year.  It will be offered in the morning, before lunch and meeting this year, instead of late afternoon. It is free for all members and the certification is good for 4 years. Non-members may attend, but the fee is $75 per person. If non-members sign up for DCCA and pay their membership dues at the Conference, they may take the certification for free.  If you are unsure if you need to renew your certification, you can check the expiration date on their website:

      • < >

        Other Suggestions for Coaches Conference:

        • First Aid/CPR – Due to the length of the AACCA Safety Certification, First Aid and CPR will not be offered at the Coaches Conference. We will make these certifications available at the following General Membership Meeting.

        • Judges Panel to offer coaches suggestions to max out the score sheet, what the judges are looking for etc. We will contact NCA to see if that is a possibility for the meeting.

        • Rubric/Rule Explanations for new coaches.

    • Qualifier Application was presented. All applications and payments must be submitted no later than the Coaches Conference to be considered for the 2014-2015 season. The applications will be reviewed at the Coaches Conference and the dates will be presented to the membership that day.

    • Board Nominations: 2 year terms, beginning October 1st, 2014, ending September 30th, 2016. President, Secretary, and 2 Board Member positions are available. We will be taking nominations for 30 days, to be emailed to the Secretary. After the 30 days, Bios and Ballots will be emailed to the members. We will vote at the Coaches Conference. If you are unable to attend the Conference, you may mail in your ballot prior to the meeting. It must be in a signed, sealed envelope mailed to the Secretary.

      • Current Nominations:

        • Jean Avery nominated Dianne Prost for Board Member.

        • Ann Gahan nominated Amy Hoff for President.

        • Jean Avery nominated Ann Gahan for Board Member.

        • Marie Speakman nominated Danielle Dixon for Secretary.

    • Other Business: Brian Payne presented tumbling information to the members. He is working with Stratosphere Trampoline Park in Delmar and offering cheer tumbling classes, open to the public. Please contact him or check their website for more information.


    Motion to adjourn the meeting by Mike Gallaway, Seconded by Amber Bullock.

    Meeting was adjourned @ 12:49 pm.