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Secretary Reports: Minutes

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02/19/2014 DCCA General Membership Meeting Minutes

DCCA Membership Meeting

February 19, 2014

Secretary’s Minutes

Meeting called to order on February 19, 2014 at 6:40 pm by Jack Speakman.

In Attendance

Jack Speakman - St. Mark's High School

Danielle Dixon - Milford School District

Jean Avery - Christiana High School

Dianne Prost – Individual

Whitney Reed – Smyrna School District

Ben Hawkins - Delaware Diamonds

Christine Lynn - Caravel Academy

Ericka Lynn – Caravel Academy

Shauntae Ford – Woodbridge School District

Ann Gahan - MOTYFCL

Amy Hoff - TriState Athletics

Lisa Wallace – Smyrna Pop Warner

Bryana Williams – Holy Cross

Courtney Warnett – Holy Cross

LaShanna Flynn – Polytech High School

Jen Carpenter – Polytech High School

Karen Russum – Delaware Falcons

Michelle Mitchell – Delaware Falcons

Sherron Lewis – Postlethwait Middle School

Robin Smith – Campus Community School

Mychala Snead – Campus Community School

Mike Gallaway – Individual

Kennika Caesar – HKA/Christiana High School

Tahira Best – W T Chipman Middle School

Marie Gordy – Laurel Cheer Starz

Meghan Eudy – Laurel Cheer Starz

Treasurer’s Report – Jack Speakman presented the fiscal year-to-date treasurer’s report. There has been very little activity since the beginning of 2014, but things are picking up with States registrations and advanced ticket sales.

New Business Topics of Discussion:

  • States Concerns/Questions/Issues from Qualifiers:
    • General States Information – DCCA Board of Directors toured McKean High School on February 18, 2014 to work out the floor plan and layout of the event.  A floor plan was presented to the members.  There will be 3-4 sessions depending on registration. Cheerleaders and spectators will be using the same entrance. There will be no team runners taking your team from the Auditorium to the Warm-Up Area. Coaches are responsible for getting to warm-ups on time.
    • Recreation Divisions and Levels – Ann Gahan wanted to know why the divisions for states were different from the divisions that they competed in at the qualifiers.  She feels that states should also be broken into levels because it is unfair to the teams with lower level skills.  Laurel Cheer Starz presented a petition signed by some of the recreation teams requesting states divisions be changed to match the qualifier divisions. Ann Gahan has submitted a complaint to USASF regarding the difference between qualifiers and states.  The registration packet states that states will not be split into divisions and that qualifier hosts reserve the right to create their own divisions.
      • The Board of Directors will review the requested changes and vote on Thursday, February 20, 2014.  The membership will be informed of the decision.
      • Whitney Reed reminded members that all rule changes and packet changes are made at the Rules & Regs Committee meetings. The last meeting was held in August and there were only 7 out of 95 members present.  Members are urged to attend the meetings if they wish to see changes made.  The committee only reviews previous issues and changes that have been presented.   Recreation teams and All Star teams need to send representation to the meeting to make sure all of their concerns are addressed.
    • CYM Score Sheets – CYM will use the CYM/Elementary/Middle Score Sheets.
    • Sportsmanship – There were some complaints presented regarding spectator conduct in the stands at some of this year’s qualifiers.  Coaches will be reminded that spectators are their responsibility and their team could be penalized because of the words and actions of their fans.
    • Volunteers – We are still looking for volunteers for the afternoon session. This is the session that the Rec/CYM/School teams compete in.  It would be great to have more participation from the All Star programs during the afternoon session.


Meeting was adjourned @ 7:52 pm.